A New Thing Has Begun!


Why did ECI  merge with COLLAB.CHURCH?
In a rapidly changing world, God has been bringing churches together to unify the body of Christ and propel His mission forward. For us at  ECI, it has never been about a logo or an ego but about playing a part in what God is doing in the global church. It has been the unanimous decision by both the Elder’s of  ECI and the Leadership of COLLAB.CHURCH to merge these two churches so that they can do more to build the kingdom of heaven.

I was a member of ECI. What do I do now?
We encourage you to prayerfully consider making COLLAB.CHURCH your home church. You can learn more information about COLLAB.CHURCH by attending on a Sunday morning or visiting COLLABCHURCH.ORG

Who is the pastor of  COLLAB.CHURCH?
Pastors Chancellor and Jaclyn Dix  are the Lead Pastors of COLLAB.CHURCH. They have been friends with Pastor David and Janis since their move to the Miami Area. Since the start of COLLAB., Pastors Chancellor and Jaclyn have been under the oversight of Overseers which Pastor David has been a part of.  After a significant time of praying and fasting, God made it evidently clear this was the step He was calling both lead Pastors to take. The vision was shared with the Board of ECI and the Overseers of COLLAB. for consideration, evaluation, and prayer. Both parties responded with an overwhelming and unanimous vote in favor of joining together!

Where can I find more information about COLLAB.CHURCH?
More information about COLLAB.CHURCH can be found at COLLABCHURCH.ORG - We also encourage you to attend on a Sunday morning!

What do I do with my tithe?
If you decide to make COLLAB.CHURCH your home church, we encourage you to start giving your tithes and offerings there.

How can I stay informed on what is happening at COLLAB.CHURCH?
You can follow COLLAB. on social media at @COLLAB.CHURCH on Instagram or check out the website at COLLABCHURCH.ORG

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